Braaap 13 "Buried"

This year Braaap Films takes a look into a new kind of backcountry adventure, the “snowbike”.

With huge drops, neck deep powder and some insane lines the Timbersled mountain kit will be performing some maneuvers never before thought possible on snow.

Braaap 13 “Buried” will please every type of back country enthusiast.


Braaap 12 "Bullseye"

This year Braaap Films returns with another full throttle extreme snowmobile film featuring over a dozen segments covering an array of riders throughout North America, Canada and Europe. We introduce many new faces including Reagen Sieg, Chad Chambers, Mark Christensen, Justin Humphries, Willie Elam, and our regular contingent of Braaap riders, including Luke Kennedy, Wes Sandoval, Sam Rogers, and many more.

"BULLSEYE " will cover the Octane Addiction's freestyle shows throughout North America, more big backcountry cliff drops, huge distance jumps and more "over the hood" deep powder riding than ever.

Braaap Films 12 "BULLSEYE" is sure to please all snowmobile enthusiasts from the backcountry boondockers, powder riders, and cliff droppers to the freestylers.


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Snowmobile Posters
NOW AVAILABLE : Braaap 11 "Twenty 11"


Experience deep powder, insane whips and drops, bone crushing injuries, gnarly crashes, technical tree lines and amazing, big mountain terrain. Filmed in hi definition on location in British Columbia, Colorado, Wyoming, Sweden and other exotic locations.

Suggested Retail: $29.95



We have a full line of Braaap Clothing and Accessories with something for everyone, the guys, the ladies, even the kids and babies! Check it out!


An in-depth look at rare and unique collections of antique and vintage snowmobiles.

So just where are all these "Old Iron" sleds of yesteryear? Is this a disease, or an obsession, or simply a hobby? These mysterious questions are answered in this third in the series, "Old Iron III". We will showcase Old Iron machines in original, "as they were discovered" condition, right through to completed restorations. We find these gems in the possession of various collectors, and at vintage meets across the country.

The Waconia Ride-In is the granddaddy of vintage and antique events, showcasing READ MORE> or ORDER NOW!>

SnowGoer One-On-One With:
Daniel Cedolia -
Creator of Braaap

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario-native Daniel Cedolia segued two of his favorite hobbies — snowmobiles and moving pictures — into a career. His first go-around was as a pre-teen, when he took an 8mm film camera to the Soo I-500. By 1988, he was filming the race as a professional, cutting together an hour-long television show. After covering several races, he made the transition in the mid-1990s to the home video market and then to snowmobile action movies. He’s the man behind the “Braaap” series, now in its 10th iteration. He works with mega-talented backcountry riders in gorgeous locations such as Togwotee, Wyoming, or Revelstoke, British Columbia, and can say that he snowmobiles for a living.

Snow Goer: How has the “Braaap” series developed?
Daniel Cedolia: “At first, we did a lot of freestyle where riders would hit ramps and do tricks. The first three or four Braaaps have a lot of freestyle. Then it seemed like a lot of people just wanted to see backcountry. We started making a big transition into backcountry footage and by ‘Braap 6’ very little freestyle and 7 was just backcountry riding. It was mountain climbing, cliff dropping, long distance jumping and a lot of wow-factor.” READ MORE >


SnowGoer Review of "Old Iron"

“It’s a matter of nostalgia,” explains video host Valdi Stefanson about vintage snowmobiling. The new DVD “Old Iron” is a great introduction to the salad days of the sport for the benefit of those who were not lucky enough to live it the first time around, and a fun look back for those who were.

The production is based on footage shot with Stefanson at the gigantic 2009 Waconia, Minnesota, Vintage Ride-In, one of the biggest annual snowmobile events of any kind.

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